Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Pink Collar

This is the second part of our photowalk before the event show (BPO Victory Party). This was taken a the back of our office, I think this is one of those yosi area where people from the graveyard shift used to stay during break. Glad that the sun is still up and no ones around the area.

Actually, I forced a colleague (ChakaCrumbs) to do these wonderful shots. Hehe! And it turned out just right and I can't thank her much.

Anyway, I dont know what to say anymore as I said anything on my earlier post. Hehe. So adios, goodbye, sayonara. ^_^

Les Adieux,

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Traveling Boots

So this is the part one of my pinkish blue boots collection. Hehe!

Before the event started, we took advantage of the sun and time to do some photowalk anywhere around the vicinity. So this is the first stop, garden at skydome.

Im happy to be with my co blogger Shali Guerlain of Scenes of Shali to have these beautiful photos. She really rocks her sexy dark rock get up and it's really fulfilling collaborating with some of my fellow bloggers.

Im not really sure wearing the blue chinos (oxygen) with boots (forever 21), but they kinda look great together. But I'm really sure though matching the pink polo from 101 New York with the chinos. Hehe

So, till next time.

Les Adieux,


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