Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Red Mango

It was actually a get together with our long time friend Jhen who's been in the US for quiet sometime. Since I'm like the most panctual in our group, I would always come ahead of time.

So, since I came in early, my partner and I took advantage of the place for not having that much customer and did some photoshoot.

That hoody is thrifted, skimpy shorts is from Maldita Men, and shoes from Zoo York.

I had a great time that night and hopefully we'll see each other again real soon. So buhbye for now. ^_^

Les Adieux,


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Orange Wall

This was the first night I have ever introduced a partner to a friend. It was a simple dinner at Momo, and I remembered it was raining cats and dogs then.

The night went well, Uri liked CK at a snap of a finger and I'm just happy that finally I made it happen.

I wore a simple purple polo from Solo that night and a short from Mogao. It was really a fun night. ^_^

Les Adieux,


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